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Commercial Cleaning Company to Attract New Clients

Cleanliness is a fundamental requirement of every civilized person. When it comes to the working environment, one not only focuses on the type of work he has to do, its working environment, location, etc., but also how clean, hygienic, and well-maintained it is. It is an essential quality that helps attract clients and employees to be a part of the company. For deep cleaning at offices, one can contact Stratus Building Solutions, a commercial cleaning company in Philadelphia, PA.

About The Company

The company, serving since 2004, is famous in Philadelphia for its business cleaning and janitorial services. The company provides eco-friendly business cleaning, helping you give a clean and hygienic environment for the customers and employees. It offers a variety of services ranging from floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, disinfection services, offering franchises, and many more.

Key Points about the Company

Following are some of the key points about the company:

  • One of the leading Entrepreneurs’ franchise
  • Providing services since the year 2004
  • Have lots of franchisees
  • Provides Eco-Friendly Business Cleaning and janitorial services
  • Provides disinfecting services
  • Serves the majority of metro areas in Philadelphia
  • Top-notch customer-care service
  • Uses the latest technology for cleaning
  • Provides services according to customers’ needs

Services Provided by the Company

The company is famously known for providing a bunch of services, some of which are given below:

  • Services related to business cleaning
  • Franchisees to join the business cleaning services
  • Services that do not pollute the environment
  • Sanitisation and Disinfection services to keep the employees and customers safe from harmful viruses
  • Customized cleaning services to clean as per your requirements
  • Cleaning services after construction
  • Carpet cleaning services to make the carpet as good as new
  • Hard floor cleaning services to make it shine like new

Thus, Stratus Building Solutions is known for its eco-friendly deep cleaning services in a business or commercial environment. It provides services such as cleaning the building, carpets, hard floors, etc. It also provides disinfection services, helping people have a formal setting that is safe not only for its employees but also for its customers.

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