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The Story Of a Happy Married Man’s Life Turned Up and Down.. You Can Watch For Free

Navdeep’s Run film is perhaps the best film in his vocation. He has performed well in a large number of the films however this is a mark. This is a thriller and crime movie in which Navdeep has a multi personality issue. He will confront a great deal of aggravation in his psyche, yet never really figured it out. Run is a decent performer and a tension thriller  that one should watch to get the real thrill ride vibe. To be pitiful that this film didn’t get the consideration and thankfulness that it merits. You can see free movies online on Aha. Watch Run movie online and enjoy.


Sandeep and Shruthi are a beautiful couple. Film starts with Sandeep and Shruthi’s love story. They experience passionate feelings for one another so he would ask individual with shruthi’s mom. Her mom acknowledges his emotions and consents to shruthi marriage. Sandeep doesn’t have a family in hyderabad. The two of them get hitched and they become the cutest couple in the companions gathering. After certain years, it’s their marriage commemoration. They intend to meet for lunch at shruthi’s number one eatery. Sandeep goes to the café first and sits tight for his better half. He gets a letter from a fashionable lovely lady. Which says that she would not like to remain with him any more.


He gets stunned and thinks why! He returns home and gets stunned seeing her dead spouse lying on the ground. He doesn’t have a clue how it even occurs and wails for her so seriously. Everybody speculates him, that he may be the person who slaughtered her. Later a therapist comes into the image and tells everybody that he has multi character problem. He envisions in a real sense 6 chatercher which were not in charge. He envisions Baba, Rosy, a small child, Khaalel and more from there. Envisioning the characters was the hardest second for sundeep. Watch this film to know his multi character problem and his activities towards it.

Technical Assets:

  • This current film’s details were excessively energizing and astounding.
  • The storyline of the film is special and astounding.
  • Music of this film is totally resonant and exciting. You can tune in and appreciate whenever you really wish to. You won’t pass up on an opportunity thrill while tuning in to the melodies.
  • This current film’s cinematography is at the following level. This doesn’t appear to be a small film which has a limited capacity to focus a film which has great substance and estimation of technichies.

Artist Performance:

Navdeep is known for his adaptable acting. He has been working for the best pictures with his best presentation, yet this was at another entire level.

PujitaPonnada, despite the fact that her on screen time is low, her acting abilities are astounding and she was amazingly elegant with a smooth and quiet grin.

Another character which needs the most extreme attention is Amit Tiwari, he defended each second on the screen.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Navdeep

Actress: PujitaPonnada

Director: LakshmikanthChenna

Art Director: KollaAvinash

Banner: First Frame Entertainments

Producer: Y. Rajeev Reddy, Sai Baba Jagarlamudi

Music: NareshKumaran

Cinematography: SajeeshRajendran

Editing: Ramakrishna Arram

Written By: Sahana Dutta, Carthyk-Arjun

Other information:

Runtime: 87 min

Release date: 29 May 2020

Genre: Thriller film

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