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Want to know everything about iPhone 12

If you are seeking for the unique and interesting gifts to give it to your friends or family members then choosing iPhone 12 is the best choice. People are showing interest to choose this phone because it comes with the few surprises. The most important features of this phone are that support to the fancy free and footloose cellular networking technology which is known as 5G. You might be heard that 5G is offering faster speed which might allow for the high quality streaming. Suppose you are completely new to biometric authentication system then you can take advantage in the face ID. The most important features of iphone 12 deals India is that picture in picture video. Apple’s latest iOS update settings might bring new format to Pro model iPhone which might appeal to people who like to have the best control over their photographs like Apple ProRAW. If you are a photographer then you are advised to take advantage on the iPhone 12.

Key characteristics of iPhone 12

If you are looking to know about iphone 12 deals India then you can search in online that could be really beneficial to you. When it comes to the features of this phone then it includes:

  • Restore full screen call notifications
  • Video HDR
  • Using Apple ProRAW
  • Enable eye contact on the facetime calls
  • Switch off facetime floating windows

If you are having pair of new Airpods Max or Airpods Pro then you might pair it with the iPhone 12 which is really beneficial to get the new spatial audio feature.

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