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Pine Needles in the Garden – How to Use Them To Get a Excellent Mulch

If You have Got mature Pine trees that you have pine needles. Pines shed their needles continuously as old ones older and new ones form. They seem like great material for a mulch and compost but some anglers prevent them. How should you take advantage of this source in your backyard?

Pines grow in acid Soil and several men and women are fearful that liberal uses of pine needles will make their soil acid. In fact, you should first have a look at the existence of healthy pines and suppose your soil is acid in the first location. Lime is suggested for many crops and the accession of the pine needles will probably not affect something. In some areas people really truck in pine needles for garden mulch.

As a mulch, best rake for pine needles are weed seed free, loose and light, easy to discover and often a nuisance elsewhere. Once implemented in a three or four inch layer around plants that they function to keep down weeds by blocking sunlight, keep the soil loose by not allowing the sun to bake it into bricks, and protect against evaporation by covering the soil surface. Furthermore, they will slowly brake down, basically composting in place and give a little bit of nutrient to the plant roots for quite a long time.

Rake For Pine Needles

In other words, they Make a excellent mulch. It is highly recommended not to dig them into the soil after the crop is eliminated since they are such high carbon it may take nitrogen form the soil to break them down. However, it is not hard to pull them back with a rake, plant a new crop and remulch after the plants are well up. If you are replanting with transplant, simply plant through the mulch.

The only serious Consideration with pine needle mulch is the existence of terpenes from the needles. These aromatic compounds give us the abundant pine odor that is so enjoyed by so many. They may also inhibit seed germination in the soil. While this would be useful for weed suppression, it would not be useful for that next harvest of carrots. However, the terpenes are so aromatic that they dissipate quickly and are rarely if ever a problem for the normal gardener. If you are concerned about it, just allow the needles sit exposed to the elements for a few weeks.

Pine needles are a Terrific compost source for the home gardener. Weed free and cost free they surely agree that the best things in life are free.

Darrell Feltmate is an Avid gardener who was composting and gardening for more than 25 years with gardens around 1/2 acre and compost piles for each. His composting site may be located in Compost Central. You can become a master composter in no time whatsoever.

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